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Ansmann Slow Trickle Battery Charger Tamiya Plug 4.8/6v/7.2v/8.4v/9.6v NiCd/NiMh

The Ansmann Traveller is a UK 3-Pin mains plug in battery pack charger for 4 cell 4.8, 5 cell 6v, 6 cell 7.2v, 7 cell 8.4v or 8 cell 9.6v stick type r/c car battery packs, suitable for use with NiCd or NiMH batteries with standard size Tamiya connector fitted. Please check your battery is suitable with the above details and that it is fitted with a standard size Tamiya connector.
* Not suitable for use with any other battery type or capacity *
Please note: Voltage outputs on chargers are usually slightly higher than the battery they are charging in order to charge the battery to its full capacity so the spec on the charger itself will usually not match the battery voltage it is designed to charge - this is normal.

This charger does not stop automatically, you need to disconnect your battery after the appropriate charge time. Never leave a battery charging unattended.

Part No: Ansmann-C606250-AC48T

PRICE: £7.99