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New-Old-Stock *BLACK CAN* Tamiya Mabuchi RS-540 Sport Tuned Motor 53068 Hop-Up / Upgrade

This motor can be used with the following Tamiya ESC's: TEU101-BK, TEU104-BK, TEU105-BK, TBLE-02. Supplied as shown (black can version).
Tamiya 540 motor comparison:
Standard 540
Turns: 27T
*Top speed: 24.3Km/h

Torque-Tuned Motor
Turns: 25T
*Top Speed: 26km/h

Sport-Tuned Motor
Turns: 23T
*Top Speed: 29.1km/h

*Measured using TT-01 chassis with kit-standard gear ratio.

Part No: Tamiya-Sport-Tuned-Motor

PRICE: £26.99